Easter Worship


Becoming a New Creation – “Living Out Loud”

I Samuel 17: 1, 4-11, 17-24, 32-37 and 2 Corinthians 6: 1-10

In  Driving Miss Daisy, Miss Daisy has to adjust to a good many things as she is aging and the world keeps changing.  In one scene, she and Boolie, her son, are talking about a dinner in the area where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr is to speak.  She is eager to go, but when she asks Boolie to go with her, he explains that he’d like to – but doesn’t think he can. He is afraid of what other businessmen would think, perhaps take their business elsewhere.  But Boolie’s fear won’t prevent his mother from going.  But then, in the car, she asks Hoke if he wanted to go with her…  Read more.

Earth Sunday The World God Made

Genesis 1: 27-31; 2:1-15 and Colossians 1: 9-11, 15-20a

In A Hopeful Earth, Bishop Sally Dyck tells this parable:

A man spent years building a beautiful and structurally sound home.  “The roof and walls protected the house from the elements, and the foundation was solid, even against an earthquake.Inside the home, he put a lot of care into choosing the floor coverings, curtains, appliances, furniture and art.  Everything was to be functional as well as beautiful.  Simplicity was the standard of beauty. Windows let in a lot of light.  The house was powered by solar energy.The man put as much care into the surrounding gardens as he did into the house… Read more.

April 15: New Life Through Healing

Mark 5: 21, 24b-34, Isaiah 41: 1-10

NOTICE:  In the very Jewish culture of Jesus’ day.  In the male dominated culture of both Judaism and more so of Rome.  In a time when women were an expendable  commodity – this sick and dying woman commands Jesus’ attention in the middle of his journey to go heal the daughter or an important Jewish leader. Jesus isn’t just interested in saving little girls.  He is interested in saving old dried up women too. A message note for our country in which 10 million women and men experience abuse at the hand of a partner[i], in a world in which 830 women die of maternal mortality each day. [ii] And the healthcare gap for women of color in this country is deadly – cervical cancer twice that of white women, infant mortality twice that for infants of color – breast cancer 40% higher likelihood of death. It’s not economics – it’s race. Throw-away women….it’s still a thing… Read more.

Easter Sunday: Being Saved, Becoming New

Job 19: 23-27a, I Corinthians 15: 1-11, and Mark 16: 1-8

Running into the house after church, a little boy couldn’t wait to share what he had learned in Sunday school that morning. “Did you know that they tried to kill Jesus?” he asked his mother.
“Where did you hear that?” she replied.
“I heard the preacher talking about it in church.”
“Well, what do you think about that?”
“Some people tried to kill Jesus; but he sure fooled them, didn’t he?”[i]

Perhaps the best April Fool’s joke ever: Easter is the joke God played on the powers of the world and the forces of evil.  God limited death on Easter… Read more.